Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekend Reading

It's the weekend!  I thought it would be fun to start to share a few of my favorite links from the week.  You will be seeing these posts sporadically on different Saturdays.    

This Topshop teddy bear bath robe is the CUTEST thing ever(and it looks so comfy)

I'm OBSESSED with the song "Wildest Dreams" from Taylor Swift's new album.  I listen to it non stop.  Literally -- I'm going to hate it soon.

 I would love to fly in this windowless airplane.  I might be hyperventilating the whole time thinking I'm going to fall out...  But hey, it's all about the experience right?

Have you heard about the friends and family event that Bloomingdales has going on?  20% off everything!  J.Crew also has an amazing sale going on, 25% off!

Gal Meets Glam has me thinking more and more about a trip to Europe.  She just traveled to the most beautiful places in Europe, and is now sharing all of here adventures on her blog.  Right now a trip to Europe is a dream, but I'm hoping it will be a reality within the next few years.

This picture of a black lab puppy kills me.  Look at how stinkin' adorable he is.  This picture popped up on my twitter feed this week, and I just can't stop thinking about this cute little puppy.

I installed a new design this week!  It was for the lovely Ashley of -- make sure you all go and check it out.

I need these Vince Camuto flats in my life ASAP.

I started watching Christmas movies this week!  I'm so excited I could scream.  For anyone who didn't know I am a huge Christmas fanatic.  Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year.  So I'm obviously now excited that Hallmark plays Christmas movies 24/7.  Even if they are a little bit a lot cheesy.  I still love them! :)

Recently Stephanie Sterjovski has been one of my daily reads.  I love her personality and style--make sure you all hop on over and take a look!


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xo, Elle