Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Today I'm going to share some quick beauty tips that you may have not known.  These are all of the tips that I have found searching deep inside the walls of pinterest...well maybe not deep inside, but I did find them on pintereset!

The first tip that I found is putting Elmer's Glue around your nails when your about to paint them.  You can then paint your nails and it doesn't matter if you paint outside your nails.  After you're done painting you can just peel the glue off.  Now you have perfectly painted nails!

 Do you know how to get evenly spaced polka dots when painting you nails?  If you don't I found the perfect technique!  

Next I have a great tip for your eyelashes using vaseline.  If you apply vaseline on your eyelashes after using mascara it will instantly take the clumps out.  You can also apply just vaseline to your eyelashes for a more natural look.  It will darken and lengthen your lashes.  Perfect for the days at the pool!  For more tips on vaseline check out this post.

The next tip is about how to apply foundation.

The last tip is yet another nail trick.  If you put your nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes before applying it will go on smoother.

Did you know any of these tips?  Do you have any other tips?  If you do leave it in a comment down below and you might be featured in the next Quick Tip Tuesday!

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