Monday, February 10, 2014

Celebrities: Long VS Short Hair

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  My weekend was not to eventful, I did some volunteering at a local food shelf.  Which was actually an enjoyable experience.  It really opened my eyes as to how fortunate I am, and how much we take for granted.  I would definitely recommend volunteering at a food shelf if you have one near you.  My weekend was mostly filled with relaxing, I had a pretty stressful week so it was nice to do nothing. (Tip: Don't procrastinate, it will lead to a mental breakdown)  Today I wanted to talk about hair.  Over the past few months a lot of celebs have cut their beautiful long locks and instead opted for a short hairstyle.  I personally love longer hair on everyone.  I'm just a long hair kind of girl.  So I want to know, short or long?  What do you prefer?

 anne, hathaway, long, vs, short, hair
Anne Hathaway 

emma, watson, short, vs, long, hair
Emma Watson

giuliana, rancic, short, vs, long, hair
Giuliana Rancic

jennifer, hudson, short, vs, long, hair
Jennifer Hudson

jennifer, lawrence, long, vs, short, hair
Jennifer Lawrence

jenny, mcCarthy, short, vs, long, hair
Jenny McCarthy

julianne, hough, short, vs, long, hair
Julianne Hough

katharine, mcphee, short, vs, long, hair
Katharine McPhee

kristin, chenoweth, long, vs, short, hair
Kristin Chenoweth

miley, cyrus, short, vs, long, hair
Miley Cyrus

rihanna, short, vs, long, hair

sarah, hyland, short, vs, long, hair
Sarah Hyland

Which celebs should have stayed with their long hair?  Which ones look better in their new short doo?  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below!